Product, meet customer.

OMG is a full-service marketing agency.

We are thinkers, makers and innovators who value ideas above all else — we thrive in the space where talent, experience, and passion coalesce.

We Begin with Consumers

It is our science and expertise to understand how people research and resonate with products, services, and even a home.

OMG blends inspired design and hard data to craft an individualized creative marketing strategy for our clients, so their brand emotes effectively with their consumer.

Years Search Experience
Full-Time Employees
West 23rd Street


Our job is to know every newspaper, magazine and website that’s relevant and potentially valuable to our real estate clients. To that end, we track hundreds of websites, plus “traditional” media.

Our media plans are thoughtful and strategic, designed to meet your goals at a cost-effective budget, whether over a few months or a few years.


Social can be an amazing tool if used properly for every target demographic, and OMG has a team dedicated to social media advertising.

We set up unique campaigns for each desired profile, while utilizing social remarketing and look-a-like campaigns, to make sure every consumer that shows interest becomes part of the lead funnel.


OMG spearheads the creation of digital and physical assets that efficiently communicate and reinforce  your brand ethos in external marketing and internal communications.


Your website is the center of your digital ecosystem. We build websites and landing pages that reflect your company identity and meet your operational needs.

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